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Lovely, elegant and endlessly versatile, these dress sandals are your next favorite pair. Smooth matte or metallic leather or python embossed metallic leather upper in a dress sandal style, with slim front slide strap and crossover instep straps forming a rear-supported heel sling with an adjustable metal buckle and elastic panel. Delicate stitch detail, smooth lining, cushioned seeded fabric topped foot bed. Smooth dress outsole, stacked style 3 1/2 inch tapered high heel.

Hand Bags

Indulge in the latest fashion hand- bags as MakeMeChic brings you handbags that perfectly fit the finicky fashi- on handbags trend, season after season. With our grow- ing handbags collection, getting the latest styles has never been easier.

Hair Style

Every person wants to make latest Hair style. Some- times, it is not enough to just follow the trends and to have our hair done in what is considered the hottest and trendiest hair- style around at the moment. We have to make sure that this hottest and trendiest hairstyle really suits our hair. .

Women Jeans

Designers eases up this season with wide-leg jeans. The best of the bunch have controlled fullness, not bagg- iness. Women crazy about Leatest trend of jeans.Wear full pants long, with substan- tial heel to make legs look miles long.People wear cloth- ing for functional as well as for social reasons.

Women jewelery

Women's jewellery whether it's jewelery for her to wear every day or only on very special occasions, be it elegant , extravagant,indivi- dual or expensive, showy or sexy jewelery, you can be confident that jewelery is always well received

Women fashion

Forget the stereotypes, today's Asian Woman is intelligent, attractive, confident and an achiever!If you think there is more to being an Asian woman than being a housewife, then this is the site for you,The classical Bra style and trouser


This is a pleated skirt worn mostly in Rajastan. Worn with a choli, it is secured at the waist, leaving the back and midriff bare. A length of fine cotton called a dupatta, completes the ensemble, covering the head.


The tightly fitted complimentary colored, short blouse worn under a saree is a choli. Originally, cholis only covered the front, now they have evolved to include versions covering front and back to midriff. The traditional form is still commonly worn in Rajastan.


The saree is an extremely versatile garment. It simply consists of a single, rectangular piece of material, five to six yards in length, accommodating any size. The style, color, and texture of this material vary according to region and caste. Different draping styles convey the status, age, occupation, region, and/or religion of the wearer.

Shalwar Kameez or Salwar Kameez:

Started as an alternative dress form in Kashmir and Punjab, it has grown in popularity all over India and in all the muslim countries of the world, especially with younger women. With Celebrities like Goldie hawn, Sally field, Hillary Clinton, Jeniffer Lopez and the Late Princess Diana adorning the Salwar(Shalwar) kameez at high profile events, this garment is the clearly the current flavour in the West. Salwars are pajama-like trousers gathered at the waist and ankles, worn underneath a long, loose tunic known as a kameez.

Indian Clothing - Shalwar Kameez or Salwar Kameez, Saree & Choli

Western culture is developing a grand love affair with the distinctive fashion style that is India. Along with Indian music and spirituality, Indian Clothing is having a huge impact on the mainstream identities of western style and culture.The latest designer shows from Armani, Fendi, and Miyake all draw on elements from the exotic Indian culture. In Paris Dries Van Noten, one of the new fashion leaders and member of the so-called Belgian Four, presented a collection of layered chiffon wraps, dresses, saree, and kurta look-alikes. The color palette these western designers are drawing from is as vibrant as a Rajasthan desert at sundown, using rich golds, reds, and greens.Indian designers like Sunita Shankar, Vandanna Roy, Ritu Beri, Monisha Jaising, Ravi Bajaj and Krishna Mehta are leading the way in redefining Indian fashion. Rohit Bal presented his latest collection, Sanskrit, at a New York benefit gala organized by Children's Hope, and stunned the audience with exquisite embroidery, beadwork, and tie-dye fashions with a decidedly Indian flair.Many U.S. design companies are taking Indian fashion and transforming it for western audiences. Silk Threads in Dallas, TX is a premier provider of dresses based on Indian design.About Traditional Indian Clothing Indian people express themselves a great deal through their clothing. Their spiritual quest for perfection plays a role in their choices of beautifully colored, dramatic, and flowing garments. The styles speak to the spirit with sumptuous, vibrant colors woven into the intricate and ornate designs to be found resonating throughout India.